Check out this interesting article from the NY Times Wellness blog.

Last week I found myself singing in the shower for the third day in a row. I asked myself why I was feeling so happy and realized the answer is that I started running regularly again. So when it comes down to it, regardless of what the “literature” says the lab rats are doing, I know that for me, exercise is good for mind and body. I’ve ran that experiment in my own life many times, and although the study population size is small at only one, that one happens to be me so I weigh the results pretty heavily.

Another point; never base anything you think or do off the results of a single study. Wait for a solid consensus to be formed from a body of high quality research studies. Otherwise you will go crazy trying to keep up with the latest study and end up wandering down rabbit trails, or lab rat trails as the case may be.

Take care and keep moving!

Josh Penner, D.C.