Magnolia Chiropractic & Massage is now SoundCare Chiropractic with two Seattle locations to serve you!

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SoundCare Chiropractic UNIVERSITY

 906 NE 45th St. Seattle, WA 98105

(inside RET Physical Therapy)

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SoundCare Chiropractic Magnolia

3320 W McGraw St. Seattle, Wa 98199

(inside Unravel Therapeutics)

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What They Say About Us

Dr Penner is amazing, as is the front desk. Dr Penner knows exactly what to do, is very good at manipulations, and never seems to be in a hurry. He also tells you when you dont need to visit anymore, rather than keeping you on a regular visit cycle. He fixed my back in about 5 visits. The front desk works very hard to get you an appt ASAP, and has seen me same-day many times. Highly recommended.


Dr. Penner was great. I had some serious neck and back pain. Couldn’t sleep for days. Finally decided to go to see Dr. Penner, (first time seeing a chiropractor) and I walked out of there feeling like a million bucks. No, scratch that, 2 million. Dr. Penner is also just a genuinely nice guy.


Even though I've moved aways, I continue to go to Dr. Penner as needed for 5 years. He listens carefully and addresses my issues, including giving me recommendations for home stretches. I highly recommend seeing him for chiropractic needs.


I love this clinic! The staff is so nice and Dr. is professional, well informed, gentle and thorough! I always have a great experience when coming here


When I saw Dr. Penner he had a lot to live up to. I’ve tried to change to more conveniently located chiros four times and never found one whose treatments stuck for more than two or three days, resulting in repeated expensive visits, lost time with work/family and consistent nagging discomfort.
Dr. Penner’s office is very professional, he treated me with respect, his staff and other professionals are pleasant and easy to work with. After he adjusted me I felt much better, and now, three weeks later I still feel really good, remarkably so. I think I feel so much better because he taught me a new stretch that really works, something I haven’t come across myself despite many years of physical therapy, stretching, twisting, strength improvement and yoga-ing. I will definitely be back to see Dr. Penner and would recommend to anyone at least one visit to see if you have the same results that I did.


The most caring an amazing chiropractor and Seattle Washington


Dr. Penner is amazing. He's helped get my hip and back issues under control as well as giving me alternatives to help my condition in my daily life. He listens and exhibits empathy in his work. I can't recommend Dr. Penner enough!