I was feeling a little giddy last Saturday and it wasn’t altitude sickness. 


Inspired by my wife’s new hiking hobby, we are now training to hike through the Enchantments this summer in one day. We’re expecting to hike a little over 20 miles, so we’ve been hitting some local trails on the weekends to get ready. 


Outdoorsy types will recognize the iconic mailbox of Mailbox Peak in the picture above, a 4841 foot climb over 2.5 miles near North Bend, Washington. This hike is straight up (pun intended) the hardest 5 mile hike I’ve done. I felt like an actual mountain climber by the end. 


The upper echelon of you who pay attention to SoundCare emails may recall that I have been struggling with knee pain. I promised an update and I am pleased to say that I am now jogging 6 miles pain free, and hiking Mailbox peak with zero knee pain. As you can tell from the picture, this makes me very happy, and apparently a little silly.


Here are the three things that I think helped the most with my knee rehab:

  1. Towel Knee Pump exercise shown HERE
  2. Single leg squat shown HERE
  3. Follow the One Hour One Day Rule. If my knee hurt for longer than an hour after a run, or was worse the next day, I would decrease my mileage to half of what caused the lingering pain on my next run. This allows me to keep running and stress my knee enough to generate a healing response, without over stressing it and causing more damage. 


I’ll continue to build mileage and see if I can get in trail marathon shape by the end of summer and keep you posted. 


I hope you all get to enjoy the beautiful spring and summer in the PNW without any pain holding you back, and that you look better in your hiking photos than I do. 


Take care,


Josh Penner, D.C.