Dr. Penner is a proud member of ProSport Chiropractic, a nationwide network of highly skilled chiropractic doctors who provide on-site treatment and support for professional athletes.  ProSport Chiropractic is a leader in chiropractic sports education, and Dr. Penner is extremely excited to be participating in a three-part certification process on the treatment of common golf injuries taught by the renowned Dr. Jeff Blanchard, founder of www.golfinjuryseminar.com.

The first seminar will be held in early June, and in addition to world-class instruction on the diagnosis and treatment of common golf injuries, teaching will be presented by Dr. Dan Murphy on the history, symptoms, signs, diagnostic tests, special imaging (MRI, CT scan, etc.) and management of patients who have sustained dramatic brain injury.  Dr. Mark Charette will also be presenting on lower extremity adjusting (the concept of “the noisy joint,” and adjusting protocols that achieve excellent results with feet, knees, and hips).

Here at Magnolia Chiropractic & Massage, we are constantly striving to grow and improve.  Dr. Penner sees this series of seminars as an excellent opportunity to hone his clinical skills in order to be of better service to his patients.  And when asked how he felt about honing his clinical skills, Dr. Penner said, “Oooooo I’m giddy with excitement!!!”