The winter triathlon was a smashing success for the following reasons:

1.  I didn’t die on the course (even though I felt like I was going to!).

2.  I was thoroughly inspired by athletes in their 50s and 60s who were in phenomenal shape.

3.  I crossed the finish line ahead of the old lady with the grey hair so I didn’t get last place!

Besides enjoying the beauty of nature, the thrill of cruising past mile after mile of wintry terrain with a group of competitors, and savoring the flavor of a well-earned post-race pint of IPA, I took away something even more important from this race.  

I realized that I can be healthier in the next 20 years than I have been in the last 20.  It was motivating to look at someone in their 50s and think: “I wish I could go that fast!”  Thank you to all the racers for your inspiration.

 See you next year!

So what’s next on the horizon?  Whidbey Island half-marathon on April 15th.  Maybe I’ll see you there!

In health,

Josh Penner, D.C.